New Delhi: Students must study hard to get into university

New Delhi — Students who have to spend a lot of time studying for their final exams must be able to keep up with the demands of their final year, the Education Ministry has said.

The ministry said the requirement will be in place by 2019.

It also said it would be mandatory for all students who are to study at university to study with the help of a tutor.

Teachers who are not able to supervise students will also be required to take their students to a professional tutor who will help them.

The ministry also announced that it is introducing a curriculum on the importance of self-discipline and responsibility that will be used for the final exams.

The new requirements will also include an introduction to teaching and the role of students as well as an awareness campaign on how to deal with students’ issues.

Students will also have to study for two semesters of compulsory courses.

After the government announced the move, students and teachers started a petition against the move saying it would hurt their quality of education.

However, the ministry said it was committed to the education system and that the government would not make any changes.

In August, the government imposed a three-month suspension on final examinations of high school students and college students as part of a national campaign to improve their quality.

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