Gojan educational institute gets Rs 1,100 crore for construction of college campus

Gojan, a state-owned educational institute, has received a loan of Rs 1.1 crore for building a new college campus at Bikaner in the state.

The loan was awarded to Gojan Educational Institutions, which is the parent of the institute in Goa, and the Goans’ Educational Institutes.

The loan is for a total of Rs 2.3 crore.

The institution has been operating under the Goan State Government since 2005.

The institution was set up by former Goans and was created in 2017.

It was renamed Gojan in 2017 after former Goan Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The institute was set to receive an additional loan of around Rs 1 crore from the Goa State Government, which has already provided the institution with a loan amount of Rs 7.9 crore.

This loan amount is to be used to finance the construction of the new college building.