When are you going to be able to post on /r /movies?

The subreddit for the entertainment industry has long been a haven for conspiracy theories, but the subreddit for movies is about to get a whole lot better.

On February 6, a new subreddit, the Advanced Education Institute, will open.

The Advanced Education Center will have the ability to post news, articles, and other content on the subreddit.

This will be an important step in getting Reddit’s entertainment industry community to be more informed.

“Reddit has always been a place for entertainment, and the AMA’s are a great way to connect with our community and share our community’s favorite content,” Reddit CMO and chief content officer Erik Martin told Business Insider.

The AMA, which was started by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, is the only place on Reddit where users can ask questions and receive answers.

It’s an opportunity for Reddit to continue to build an entertainment ecosystem.

The subreddit will allow users to post in-depth content on topics ranging from the latest on the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, to the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The AMA is a great platform for creators and the entertainment community to share ideas and ideas to improve the way we engage with one another,” Martin said.

“It is also an opportunity to connect our community with one of the largest movie and TV communities on the planet.”

Martin says the AMA will be one of Reddit’s biggest additions.

“We have seen how the community is engaged on Reddit and the fact that they can get the information they want is going to create a great conversation around the topic.”

This is just the beginning for the AMA.

The community hopes that the AMA and the Advanced education center will become a place where everyone can come together and connect.

“For the community to really get into the AMA, we’re going to have to be really careful about not doing anything that’s going to break the community,” Martin told BI.

“There’s going for people to get in trouble for saying something that’s not safe.

We’re going for a place to get information about the latest content, and people can share that information with one-another.”

The subreddit has been in beta for a while now, but it’s only now that it’s officially launching.

In fact, the subreddit has only been online for about two months, Martin told me.

But the AMA is just one of several subreddits that the Reddit community is planning to launch on the new subreddit.

In the past, the community has been experimenting with various features to make Reddit a better place to consume content.

The first major change was the introduction of a “shared news feed” that allowed users to read articles that were shared on Reddit.

Another feature was the addition of a subreddit that was devoted to news from the entertainment world.

The reddit team hopes to see these features expand to other subreddits as well.

In addition to the AMA feature, Martin says that the Advanced center will allow content creators to share their content on Reddit with other creators.

“They’ll be able post their content there and they can see what people are saying about their content,” Martin explained.

“That’s one of their most exciting things.”

This could mean that Reddit will become the place where celebrities and other famous personalities post on their social media accounts.

This is exactly what we’ve seen happen in the past when celebrities have shared their videos on social media.

Now, it could also mean that the entertainment content community can take advantage of the subreddit and get more views on it.

“A lot of content creators are going to see the subreddit as an opportunity,” Martin added.

“Whether it’s celebrities, actors, or anyone who has a really big following online, there’s an expectation that content creators will be able be visible on Reddit.”

Martin also said that Reddit plans to expand its ability to track and report on content creators that violate rules.

“If there’s a big scandal, it’s going live on the front page of the frontpage,” he said.

When a subreddit like the Advanced Center comes online, Martin said that it will help the subreddit to make sure that the subreddit is safe for its community.

“Our community is a huge community of people that all contribute to one another, so it’s not going to get lost,” Martin continued.

“When a community sees that a community member is violating the rules of a certain subreddit, they’re going be able go out and say ‘Hey, that’s what we’re looking for.'”