Why did the Berbice Educational Institute go bankrupt?

Berbices education institute was set up by Berbics grandfather, the late Sir Berbins, in 1896.

Today it has about 2,500 staff. 

It is home to about 5,000 students aged from eight to 19 and teaches them everything from mathematics to history.

The school has been closed since May and its students have been told to return home. 

The Berbic government has not provided details of how much the school is worth and when the school might reopen.

Berb’s nephew, a minister in the Berbs previous government, told the BBC he expected the school to reopen in the next few months.

“The first day we are in the office of the state education department we will be asked to pay the first of a series of loans to the institution,” the former minister, Eder Berbisoglu, told Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I think it will be possible to reopen it within two to three months.” 

Mr Berbischoglu added that he hoped to reopen the school in time for the celebrations marking the centenary of the Berbers independence from Spain in 2021. 

Mr Burdish said he expected more students to return to Berbici after the celebrations, but it was not clear how many. 

“It’s a difficult situation to deal with because the students don’t have a home yet,” he said.

“We have to go and look for them, they will be sent back in a few days, so we can start to find them.” 

Meanwhile, a group of students in Berbini, where many of the school’s pupils have moved to, have held a protest march against the Berbies decision to close the school. 

Members of the group marched in front of the building and chanted slogans against the government’s decision to cut the school of around 200 students.

“There is no way we can survive without Berb, we can’t go back to Berbers school,” said 22-year-old teacher Sabrina Taksen.

“Our school is the heart of Berb.

It is where we get the education that we need to be educated.” 

Berb’s Education Minister, Eneru Jazir, defended the decision, saying Berb and Berbisi families wanted to maintain the school as a place of learning.

“For Berb students to leave Berb or go to the other side of town, they’re going to have to pay money to the Berber government to do so,” Mr Jaziri said.

“We know what we’ve done in the past, so it’s not surprising.” 

The BBC’s Bernd Fink reports from Berbina on the Berbilis move to close Berbises education institute. 


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