Teachers in Chicago’s COPD-stricken schools are receiving special treatment from CPS

Teachers at Chicago Public Schools, which has seen its enrollment plummet by more than half since the virus struck in March, are receiving specialized education, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The teachers are not required to be tested for the virus and the district is providing them with “additional tools and guidance” to keep them safe.

The students are also being given “expert support,” according to the Tribune, which said the district also plans to expand classes to meet the needs of the virus.

The Chicago Teachers Union said the school district is not being transparent about the plans.

The Tribune said it found no official announcement from CPS that the teachers will receive special education help.

The union’s president, Karen Lewis, said CPS has been making public statements that have raised concerns about the district’s safety.

She said she is “disappointed” that CPS hasn’t made the announcement.

CPS officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The district is also expanding classes to accommodate the increasing number of students at schools without teachers.

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