How to teach your kids to code

A new documentary series on kids in coding schools is giving children a better understanding of what goes into the job of teaching a new skill and what skills to develop.

The new program, Kids in Code, will be launched in the fall at several universities and public schools, and the first episode, which airs on National Geographic Kids, will air on the Discovery Channel later this year.

The series is part of the NGF Initiative to create more inclusive learning environments and explore how to best educate children with disabilities and families with children with learning disabilities.

“It is critical to give kids with learning disorders a place to learn and thrive in today’s challenging technology and technology-driven world,” says Stephanie Ragan, founder of the National Geographic Foundation and director of the Kids in the Code initiative.

“We can and must help children and families learn and grow through our educational systems.

We need to ensure our kids have access to all of our resources and programs that will help them develop their skills.”

The series will highlight the ways educators can encourage learning and the types of opportunities that students need to thrive and succeed in their chosen career.

“Kids in Code” will focus on the skills kids need to learn to code, and its curriculum includes the “Code in the Classroom” series and the “Learning for the Future” course.

For more information on the series and how you can learn more about it, visit

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