Student, faculty join push for financial education institutes in New York

New York’s financial education community is hoping to add a new face to its ranks by joining forces with a local financial aid organization and a local nonprofit.

The Financial Aid Institute of Greater New York announced Monday it will be joining forces to create a “financial literacy” program at a community college in New Jersey.

The organization said it would also launch a program in the Bayonne and East Orange areas.

The move is part of a larger push by New York City financial aid and education officials to boost the quality of financial aid in the city.

The institute, founded in 2013, is seeking to expand the number of financial advisers, to improve their training, and to train more college students in how to apply for financial aid.

Its founder, Mark Zobrist, said the initiative will help students who want to get into financial aid, but struggle with finding help.

“Financial aid is a great way to build a financial life, but the problem is there are too many people who have to make difficult decisions about whether they are going to pursue financial aid,” Zobris said in a statement.

“Financial aid makes people feel better about themselves, but it’s a false sense of security.”

Students and faculty at Manhattan Institute and Manhattan College are joining forces in a plan to train college students to apply to financial aid for the first time.

The New York State Department of Education has offered a scholarship of up to $6,000 to students interested in working toward financial aid at Manhattan College, according to its website.

The program will also be available to students at Manhattan University, a public university in New Rochelle, N.Y., and the University of New Hampshire.

New York City’s financial aid agency said it plans to work with the Financial Aid Council of New York to create the new program.

The group is looking to train about 100 people each year, and the council has already approved the application of the New York Times reporter who wrote the op-ed, said Maria Pacheco, a spokeswoman for the financial aid group.

“We’re going to use the opportunity to bring the financial literacy initiative to New York and to the Bayonets,” she said.

Zobris is a frequent guest on Fox News, including at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in April.

He was featured at a fundraiser for Trump in December.

In April, Trump called Zobriws decision to join the Financial Assistance Council a “gift” to his “community.”

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