How to apply to become a teacher in Spain

The education ministry has announced it will allow teachers to apply for positions at its colleges in Spain if they are already qualified.

The move comes as teachers across Europe are seeking to fill vacancies left by the closure of the national education agency, La Realidad.

The ministry said that those who had already been employed by the Spanish ministry of education for more than two years will not need to apply again, as they have already passed their national examinations.

This will help the system meet its commitments to provide an adequate education.

The announcement came as education officials in Spain celebrated the end of a year of intense public pressure for the creation of a new education ministry.

The Spanish government had been considering whether to continue operating La Realitría and its education system after it closed down last month.

The government said that it had agreed to the new ministry in the wake of a decision by the European Commission that the Spanish education system had “failed” in its duties.

“I believe that we can provide an excellent service to the citizens of Spain,” said Education Minister Pedro Crespo.

“We are proud that the education system has achieved such a good outcome,” he said.

“This new ministry will be a model for all other national education systems, including ours.”

In the first quarter of this year, LaRealidad said that 2,878 teachers were being offered a job.

In a statement issued last week, the agency said that “there are already many people with the right qualifications, and we are expecting more to come forward”.

The agency’s head of recruitment, Javier Roca, told the Associated Press news agency that the aim of the new department was to provide more qualified teachers for the Spanish school system.

“The aim of this ministry is to provide teachers who are already working in the Spanish schools,” he told the AP.

“If you have already obtained the right qualification and have completed the national examination, you are eligible to apply.”

La Realidad said it would start its hiring process on March 16, with the first applicants to be notified in early March.

The European Commission has repeatedly called on the Spanish government to create a national education system, and the new administration of Education Minister Roca has promised to carry out a “balanced approach” to education.

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