You’ve got to see this if you want to know what happens to a student who gets suspended for taking the exam, an

published by The Washington Post explains.

article The Post’s article cites a study from the Department of Education, which found that students who take the AP Exam are more likely to be suspended for their academic performance than students who do not.

It also claims that suspensions are more common for students who are Hispanic and female, and also for students in grades K-12.

“Suspensions are often a reaction to a serious violation of school rules, not a reflection of the student’s academic progress or abilities,” the article says.

“The findings suggest that the suspension of students for academic achievement may reflect a failure to follow the rules and/or a lack of maturity, rather than a failure of the school system to adequately control student behavior.”

A spokesperson for the Department confirmed the study to The Verge, but didn’t have much to add to the article’s assertions.

The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TechCrunch.

In a follow-up post, The Post cited a report from the National Center for Education Statistics.

The NCEES study, which is based on data from schools that have a high school graduation rate and have data for students graduating from high schools, found that suspensions for students at all grades and grades K through 12 are higher than for students with less than a high degree.

The study also found that more than half of the suspensions for high school graduates involved serious violations of the law.

“Although the severity of suspension varies, suspension has the highest impact on students who have a higher likelihood of graduating from a high-achieving school than those who do,” the report said.

“Moreover, suspensions are typically imposed on students of color and females who have lower levels of achievement.”

The report also said that the school suspension rate for students without a high diploma is higher than it is for students whose graduation rate is lower.

“A high school diploma is often considered the only indicator of academic achievement in most students,” the NCEERS report reads.

“In addition, there are many students who drop out of high school before they have the opportunity to complete their high school education, leaving them at risk of being suspended or expelled from school for academic performance problems.”

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