What you need to know about the Afrikaans schools in Senegal

The Afrikaanerie, or Afrikaanse in Dutch, is the oldest and most important school in the country.

It was founded in the 13th century and has grown to be a prestigious institution in the Netherlands.

The country’s parliament, the Lower House, says it is the largest of its kind in the world.

But Afrikaane education is a very different story.

Here in Senegal, Afrikaands school curriculum is often described as a third world model.

This is because Afrikaas curriculum is largely developed in the past 20 years by the country’s government and has a much less developed structure compared to European or US curricula.

It’s a model that has left the country with some of the highest levels of illiteracy in the continent.

The government has been trying to change that, but with no luck.

So what is Afrikaand and what is the Afrikaner education?

This is the story of how Afrikaansk education got so bad.

Read more The story of Afrikaanks education Afrikaanches curriculum was developed in 14th century by the Dutch, who brought Afrikaaan into the country in the 15th century.

It has a similar structure to that of Europe’s curriculum, with six modules, which is very similar to the way that most US universities’ courses are structured.

The Afrikanders curriculum starts from the age of six and has six modules that are designed for children to learn different subjects, from music to mathematics to English to history.

These are all part of the curriculum, and students also learn about different cultures.

These modules can include topics like the history of the country, the Afro-Caribbean, the history and culture of the Dutch people, and the history in Africa.

These topics are also included in the Africas primary curriculum.

These include: history of Afrikans culture

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