How to spot a school for quality education

An eye for an eye, or a brain for a brain, is what a modern school should be.

However, the education sector as a whole does not see eye-for-eye with modernity and has no idea how to innovate, a report has said.

A report released by the Association of State Universities said the global economy is facing a “critical shortage of talent” and it is time for states to think differently.

The association’s annual State of the Universities report said education was one of the fastest growing sectors in the global labour market and that the sector was growing at “a rate that is twice the national average”.

The report said the number of teachers and staff in teaching jobs in the US is projected to double to 13.2 million by 2021 from 9.3 million in 2021, while in Australia it will be 7.8 million.

In Japan, the number will grow by almost 25 percent from 11.6 million to 18.4 million, while the number in England is projected increase by 17 percent from 8.3 to 15.4.

“There is a clear need for innovative solutions to support students’ educational development, including digital education and digital workforce, in order to provide a level playing field for all learners,” the report said.

The report also said the world needs to find new solutions to address a lack of skilled workers in the country.

Many countries lack trained workforce, and lack of training means the skills needed for new and high-skilled jobs cannot be readily available.

According to the OECD, the skills shortage is expected to grow in countries like China, India, Russia and the US in the coming decades, with the OECD estimating that the number one cause of the skills gap is the absence of a skilled workforce.

To address the problem, the OECD is working on “innovative” training and skills programmes for young people, the report found.

Among the issues identified were the lack of vocational training and vocational education for young graduates and the “dramatic decline” in the skills of those with college qualifications.

In a bid to boost skills development, the Association for the Advancement of Science and Engineering Education, which has been leading the fight against the skills crisis, last year launched the Global Skills Summit.

It also launched the “Global Skills Summit: An Action Plan to Boost the Skills Economy” in April, where it said it is working with businesses, education and government to improve skills and boost the skills economy.

Some of the key ideas are to:  • Invest in higher education as a new source of skills.

 • Create a global network of research centres and laboratories to provide high-quality and high quality training and education.

 · Create an international skills market to supply the global demand for skilled labour.

• Ensure that the skills and skills of young people are developed and integrated into the national workforce.

Source: The Sport Bibles article

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