Students at school teach children how to fight racism

By Srinivas Ranganathan | The Times Of India A group of students at a high school in a small town in the Punjab province of India are being taught how to combat racism by teaching students how to identify and treat people differently.

The students are part of a team of over 100 students who are taking part in the ‘Schools of the Future’ programme in which they will be teaching at a secondary school in the town of Baniyal.

A group of around 30 students is teaching students about the experiences of the marginalized communities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

The program is being run by the education institution, Dhanabhai Bharti Aashim, and the students are also helping to establish a community-based awareness campaign around the issue.

“I started studying history and history of Pakistan with my teacher at the time.

I studied the history of Pakistani culture from the earliest time of colonial rule in 1947 till today,” said Anushka, a 15-year-old student from Baniyyal.”

I have learned about the history and the history that we were created in.

The history of the country is different from the history we are used to.

It is very different.”

Anushka said that she and her friends are learning how to make people understand that the country’s history is not that bad, despite the fact that the government has imposed draconian laws on the country and the people.

The programme will start on Thursday, February 10.