When Donald Trump was inaugurated, it was a moment for change

NEW YORK — When Donald Trump came into office on January 20, 2018, he promised to put Americans first.

But then the first thing he did was sign an executive order that gave himself sweeping power to dismantle and privatize the nation’s public education system.

That executive order also led to the opening of an educational institution named after him.

And now, the Trump administration has given another chance to rein in public education, this time to the University of the Arts.

The university, named for President Donald Trump’s former mentor and former adviser, is an independent educational institution.

It’s not affiliated with any institution, and it doesn’t receive funding from any government agency.

But, according to its mission statement, it’s “a space for artists, designers, educators and researchers to work on their visions, ideas and visionaries to develop innovative, innovative ideas for new and creative opportunities.”

The university is a partnership between the Trump family and the American Art Institute, the organization behind the president’s inauguration.

The foundation behind the Trump museum was also founded by Trump.

The Trump Art Museum and the Trump Foundation are the only entities that can accept grants for their projects.

But the Trump Art Foundation says it receives no federal money.

Its president, Tom Hirsch, told the Los Angeles Times that his foundation was the “best in the country for its work.”

The Trump Foundation says its work has included funding for art exhibitions and concerts, education and training, and the arts in general.

Trump’s presidency has also been marred by controversy over the school system.

On Tuesday, it came to light that Trump had awarded $1.5 million in grants to two local public universities.

One was the University at Buffalo, and one was the Buffalo Niagara University.

Both schools are located in New York City.

Both schools received the money because of their high enrollment, according a report by the Associated Press.

In addition to the Trump-branded Trump Art Academy, the school also received $500,000 from the Trump Organization in 2019.

The Trump Foundation also received an additional $1 million in 2019 for a Trump Art Institute program that focuses on “the next generation of artists and designers.”

The Art Academy was set up to foster the development of future leaders, according the university’s website.

In the video, Trump said his goal is to help students “make their mark on the world through art, design and innovation.”

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