Why does a horse need to have a good pedigree?

The story of a humble, loyal, family-owned horse in a rough place.

The story of the humble, family owned horse in rural Oregon.

In an effort to educate and inspire people about the history of horseback riding and how we can help to preserve the integrity of the sport, I decided to do a series of videos about the work of the Oregon horseback racing association.

The videos are part of an ongoing collaboration between The Oregon Horse Racing Association and The Oregon State Archives to preserve and share information about the sport in the state.

The association also offers a number of programs that help people learn more about the heritage of the horseback, including a free training program that helps people with disabilities understand the sport.

The Oregon Horse Riders Association’s mission is to promote and preserve the history and traditions of the state’s horseback and horseback riders.

Its goal is to educate, inspire and entertain people to learn more, and to preserve Oregon’s heritage and heritage traditions.

For more information on the organization, visit the Oregon Horse Riding Association’s website or follow on Twitter @OregonHorseRacing.

The Oregon State Archive’s archives are the public domain and are available to the public under the public access act.

The public may not copy, distribute, or use these materials for any other purpose without permission.

For the latest news, photos, and videos about Oregon sports and culture, follow the team on Instagram @OregonSports.

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