What are we looking for in an education institute?

Posted September 14, 2018 14:18:58 More than three-quarters of Australian students have already failed to finish their education, a survey of more than 600 teachers has revealed.

The University of Sydney report, commissioned by the Education Council of Australia (ECA), found almost half of those surveyed had already failed a test, with nearly a third failing the ACT Maths and Statistics A-Level and just over a quarter failing the National Curriculum.

The survey also found a significant proportion of teachers were worried about the future of their careers.

“More than one-quarter of teachers (27 per cent) were concerned about their future in the profession,” the report said.

“That’s almost double the proportion (14 per cent), which means there’s an overall concern of not being able to stay in the industry.”

It’s a concern that’s shared by many teachers across Australia, with more than two-thirds of them expressing an anxiety over the future.


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