US-based Global Education Institute to Close and End Its Education Efforts

The Global Education Forum (GES) will close its doors on September 12, 2017, and end its educational initiatives, according to the organisation’s president, Dr. Christopher J. Strain.

The decision comes amid a broader restructuring of the organisation.

The global education organisation, founded in 2008, has been one of the largest academic and research organizations in the world, according a report by the Oxford Group for Global Governance.

Strine announced the closure of the Global Education Fund on Friday in a blog post, which also included an apology to the academy and its members for the organisation not providing them with the services they needed, as required by law.

The foundation will no longer operate in the United States, according the post, as part of the organization’s ongoing restructuring.

“Our organization has been unable to provide students and scholars with the education they need, which has made it impossible to conduct research and advance our goals.

It is difficult to reconcile the needs of our mission and the needs that we are providing, and our commitment to our students and educators,” Strain wrote.

This is not a decision we take lightly and is not something we take for granted,” he wrote. “

However, the Global education Foundation’s focus has been on providing academic services, not research, and the governance of the foundation is not aligned with our mission.

This is not a decision we take lightly and is not something we take for granted,” he wrote.

In his blog post Friday, Strain said he was disappointed with the closure.

“I understand that many of you have questions and have concerns, so I am going to address some of them,” he said.

He also criticized the organization for not being transparent about the reasons behind the closure, saying it would have been better if the foundation had simply announced that it was ending its relationship with the academy.

“It is important that the public know the reasons for our decision and that the organization has the transparency and accountability to explain its decision to the public,” Stress said.

In the blog post he also defended the GES’ founding partner, the Center for Applied Ethics, saying the organisation has “long been committed to the pursuit of truth and the pursuit, as its mission, of public policy and ethics.”

The GES is an organisation whose founders include billionaire philanthropist and billionaire philanthropy entrepreneur George Soros.

The GERS was founded by Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundations.

The centre has been criticized in the past for funding studies and other advocacy work that is in violation of US law.

In a statement to The Washington Post in 2016, the centre’s vice president of communications, Chris Loesch, said the centre had a policy of not engaging in advocacy work with individuals whose advocacy has violated US law, but had been “unable to determine which individuals have been identified for the purposes of these investigations.”

He did not address the accusations against the GERS.

“We are committed to upholding the law, which protects our students’ right to be free from government coercion, and will work to resolve any issues of concern, we do not want to be seen as an organization that is taking sides,” Loescher said.

The Global Educational Foundation was founded in 2010 and was named the World Education Prize for Public Service in 2014.

The institute has been widely criticized for the research it has conducted and its research methods.

In 2016, The Washington Times reported that the GEO Foundation had “done work that has directly benefited the wealthy and powerful” at the GEMO, an organization created by Soros.

In 2015, the institute was awarded a prestigious US State Department prize for “exemplary academic research in human rights and governance.”

According to the report, Soros, who is also the chair of the board of trustees of the George Soros Foundation for Open Society Institute, also chairs the board at the George G. Marshall Center for Public Policy at Harvard University.

According to The Hill, the GGE Foundation is one of several “non-profits” Soros controls that the foundation funds.

The Washington Examiner reported in May 2017 that Soros had “direct and indirect financial and political influence over the GEEF” and that “many of its donors have had significant ties to Soros.”

Soros also has significant ties in Europe, having given money to the European Union in exchange for the European Commission to “regulate the financial sector” in his home country.

The EU’s ‘duties and responsibilities’ include implementing EU laws, including the Common Foreign and Security Policy

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