Which college campuses should you go to if you want to be an academic?

The debate over what to do about controversial institutions has resurfaced as students across the country prepare to take exams this spring, with colleges and universities on the verge of a major backlash against administrators who fail to adequately discipline students who commit campus sexual assault.

On Monday, a group of students at Penn State announced a campus-wide boycott of classes if administrators do not “immediately address the ongoing issues and failures at the institution.”

On Monday night, at the University of California, Los Angeles, students protested outside the building where the campus newspaper is published.

At the University, administrators have taken several steps to address sexual assault and harassment.

But at Penn, administrators said Monday that administrators are taking steps to improve their processes for handling complaints of misconduct.

At least two women have accused the school of mishandling sexual assault allegations since a scandal broke in March, including one former student who accused Penn State athletic director Tim Curley of sexual harassment in 2015.

Penn State has acknowledged the existence of a sexual assault complaint filed against its former football coach, Jerry Sandusky, and the university has said it will launch an independent review of Sandusky’s case.

Curley has denied the accusations and called the allegations “bogus.”

The university is also investigating a complaint against a former assistant football coach.

But Curley said Monday the former assistant coach was “not an active student” and was not involved in any disciplinary actions.

Curleys office was contacted for comment, and he issued a statement in which he said the school will “continue to be a place of trust and confidence in our community.”

On Saturday, a woman filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights against Penn State, which said it had “a duty to respond to a complaint of sexual assault” and “to take appropriate action to remedy the matter.”

She accused the university of failing to adequately investigate and address the issue of sexual violence and misconduct, including its handling of the sexual assault allegation against Sandusky.

At a news conference Monday, the university said it is “working diligently” to address the “complaints” but did not offer any details about what those efforts are.

The university also said that while it has “conducted an internal investigation” into the alleged harassment of a former student, “this investigation is ongoing.”

At least one former Penn State student filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming that Curley sexually harassed her and forced her to have sex.

At that time, Curley was the university’s athletic director.

A statement from Penn State’s administration Monday said the university “has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct” and that the university is “currently investigating the allegations” and will “take appropriate action.”

“We will respond in due course to the allegations, which will be addressed in due time, and take appropriate steps to remediate any concerns.”

The statement added that Penn State will also “conduct a thorough investigation of the matter and will provide any necessary assistance and information as necessary.”

The announcement came a day after the U.S. Department of Education said it would take action against the University at a meeting in Washington, D.C., and that it would investigate the allegations against Curley.

The Department of Justice is expected to release its report on the matter in the coming weeks.

At Penn State this year, students said that there were no reports of sexual misconduct against the university, despite the allegations.

At Duke University, the campus paper has published a series of articles highlighting the problems with the way the school investigates complaints of sexual assaults.

At Northwestern University, a report by a university ethics board recommended the resignation of the university president.

But the university did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Penn case, and others, have sparked criticism from students who say universities should be more transparent about how they handle complaints of campus sexual assaults, especially as the nation grapples with the rise of campus protests and the Trump administration.

The University of North Carolina, which has also had campus protests, announced last month that it was investigating the accusations against Curleys son, former North Carolina Gov.

Roy Cooper.

On Tuesday, Penn’s chancellor said that Curleys allegations were “not true.”

But the Associated Press reported that Curts allegations were the result of an investigation into his daughter who is a student there.

Curly said Monday on Twitter that the allegations are “bombshells,” but he defended the university in the statement he issued.

“It’s not fair for a university to say they are investigating the reports of misconduct by an ex-student,” Curley wrote.

“They are investigating other students.

This is not a witch hunt.

This isn’t about the accusers.”

In a statement to The Associated Press on Monday, Penn said that it “cannot comment on individual cases” but that it is taking steps “to prevent any further victimization of women and girls.”

It also said it was reviewing its “response to the

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