How to teach your kids about the Bible

By Rachael Jansen Posted September 01, 2018 03:18:03 The Lad bible is a book for children.

And it’s not a children’s book at all.

It’s a bible for adults.

So how do you teach your children about the bible, and what do they need to know to be good readers?

It’s been a struggle for me to do so.

For me it was like trying to convince my husband that I was a doctor.

I can read and write.

I was the first doctor in my family to do both, but he still thought I was crazy.

So I just wanted to teach him the basics.

I had to make him read all the Old Testament.

I think he thought it was stupid.

But then I had the book in the car, and I sat him down and said: ‘You have to read it.

You have to listen to all the stories and listen to the verses.’

He listened.

And I started reading it and then I began to teach it to him.

It really helped me.

Then when he was about three or four, I started teaching him to sing, and when he went into fifth grade, I taught him how to read the bible.

He loved it.

I taught his younger sister and he also loved it because it gave him a sense of what was going on.

And that’s when I realised that I wasn’t just teaching the basics to my son.

I didn’t have to teach them about the Hebrew Bible or about the Old and New Testaments.

I could have given them the basics of the Hebrew language and then they would understand the Hebrew.

I’m so proud of them.

It gave them a sense that the bible was the truth.

It was a great thing for them to learn.

It allowed them to understand that the Bible was the word of God, not some kind of fad.

And then when they were eight or nine, they started learning the Bible in the church.

And as they got older, they realised it was the one thing they could trust.

They were like: ‘This is the one Bible they should trust.

It gives them the knowledge of what God wants them to know and to understand.’

So I think it’s a really good book.

And now I have to say, I’m a very proud father of three.

But at the same time, it’s hard because I have four kids and I’ve been through this before.

But they all love the book, I guess.

They know they need it.

So now it’s just a matter of putting it in the classroom and making sure the children know about it.

It is such a powerful book.

It has the most powerful message of all the books that Jesus taught.

And you can go to the library and see all the classics, and you’ll see all of them in the library.

But it’s the story of God and the Bible that gives the most value.

It makes you think that God is the only way to salvation.

The only way.

And God is just like us.

He has a plan for everything, and He’s going to make it happen.

So if we love Him, then He will make us all happy.

That’s the beauty of the Bible.

But you have to make sure you teach the kids the message and you have the right to read this book and study it, and to talk about it with your children.

That can be a tough balance, because some people can’t read, or don’t speak Hebrew.

And sometimes it can be difficult.

But if you can teach them what Jesus said, then that’s great.

It can be very, very important.

But we have to be honest with ourselves.

It isn’t just the Bible we need to be teaching, but the message that it has.

And what we should teach them is: ‘Look, Jesus has given us the truth, and we’re all going to get it together, and it will all work out.

But don’t get your hopes up.

God doesn’t give promises.

He never will.

He’s not going to do it for you, but He will do it.

And He will come to you.

And he will bring your problems to an end.

He will help you, and make you happy.’

So that’s why the bible is so important.

You don’t need a book to be a Christian.

And if you want to teach other people, you don’t have a book, because you don

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