How to get a private education for free in India

Private education institutions in India have long offered free education to students, with the exception of private schools.

But now a new startup is offering a new way for students to get their hands on a private educational institution.

In a post on the official Instagram account of the Indian Council of Educational Research and Training, a post called “The first public school” is set up.

The post shows a screen shot of the page, and explains that the page will be available to users in the coming days.

The Instagram post states that the school will be a “public school in India”, but it’s unclear what that means.

The account states that it’s a partnership with the Indian government, and that it is in talks with the government.

We have not been able to verify the authenticity of the post.

A similar post titled “A free online public school for every child” was also set up by the Indian Education Forum, a non-profit organisation run by the Education Ministry.

A Facebook page called “Indian Private Schools Online” was set up in September 2018, though its current page has not been updated since then.

It’s not clear how the school in question will be funded.

The official Facebook page for the India Private Schools Association has not responded to a request for comment.

In the meantime, the page is offering students a chance to earn money for attending the school.

A post on Facebook claims that the group is also offering students scholarships and scholarships to their parents.

The group has previously offered scholarships to its members, but only to families who registered for classes.

A group called “I am going to take care of my education” has also been set up, as has “My child has a free private education” and “A private education is free!”.

Both of these groups are based in the US.

A recent survey by the education group said that India has the highest number of private private education institutions (31), with only 18% of these offering free or reduced-price education to citizens.

Only 10% of all private educational institutions in the country offer students the option of taking part in a study abroad program.