Pakistan’s naa educational institute, education institute brochures released

Pakistan’s National Authority of Education (NAA) on Thursday released brochures for its education institutes across the country, highlighting the “innovation” that has been taking place under the NAA and its support for “better governance, accountability and transparency” as well as the “ability to meet the demands of the citizens”.

The NAA has issued the brochures in various languages and they were released on the official website of the ministry of education.

“Our mission is to provide better educational services for the citizens of Pakistan and they are the ones who will benefit the most from the services that the Naa is providing,” the brochure reads.

“We aim to create the conditions for the establishment of a healthy and prosperous Pakistan.

The Naa educational institutes have been the first in the country to take this approach.”

The Naa, which is funded by the Ministry of Education, has been promoting itself as a modern educational institution, with the aim of fostering the country’s next generation of leaders.

The government also has an educational development fund, the National Education Assistance Fund, for the country.

NAA Chairman Sheikh Muzammilullah said the brochues were released in coordination with the Ministry for Education and Culture and the Ministry Information Technology.

“It’s a clear message that we are providing better education services for our citizens, the ministry is doing its job and providing quality education,” he told The Express Tribune.

“The brochures will be released at different locations around the country and will be available on the NIA website.”

The NIA was established by the previous government in 2011 under the National Action Plan (NAP) to empower the countrys children and empower them to become entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and technicians.

The initiative was to promote education to all sections of society and increase the countryís economic and social growth.

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