How the UK’s £3.3bn science academies could boost education and research in the UK

The UK could have a “big bang” science academy of its own, according to the prime minister.

The UK has been awarded £3 billion in research funding over the next five years by the European Commission, but there is concern that the money could be spent on private projects.

Sir Peter Cosgrove, who is also the UK minister for science, said the new research infrastructure needed to be a “national institution” in order to boost UK research output and boost UK competitiveness.

“We are going to create a national academy that will deliver research excellence in a way that reflects the strengths and capabilities of our country, but it will be run as a public-private partnership,” he said.

Mr Cosgroves said the government wanted to create “a world-class national science academy” to support the UK research base.

He said the academy would be able to “reach all parts of our society”, with “an enormous pool of skilled staff and graduates” able to help develop the UK economy.

In his first speech as science minister in January, Sir Peter Cosgruve said the UK could invest in its own research base to “create a world-leading national science industry”.

“If you want to develop a country’s talent, you need a strong and independent national science economy,” he added.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been criticised for proposing to “make it compulsory” for young people to attend British universities.

However, Sir Philip said the “real reason” young people were choosing to study science in the first place was because they had “given up hope” of getting an A-level in a particular subject.

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