How to choose a school for your child

An Australian academic has told the ABC that the best way to get a child into a good school is to teach them English and mathematics.

In an article for the National Council for Education, Professor Paul Boulton says the best approach to education for children is to introduce them to languages and to teach children to read and write.

“There are two kinds of kids in this country, the kids who have a lot of language ability, and the kids whose ability to read or write is not quite there,” Professor Boulston said.

It is a challenge for parents to have children with language difficulties.

He said that is one of the main reasons parents should have a language specialist.

Mr Boulson said children with a language problem might need more intensive tutoring in school or to learn in the community.

Australian Education University Associate Professor Beryl Burdon said the issue of language difficulty should be discussed with the child’s teacher and the parent first.

If the child does not want to learn a foreign language, then it should be taught by a teacher who speaks the language and has a very good understanding of the culture and its history.

The first step is to identify the language problems in your child and get them out of the house and to a language school.

The second step is teaching them how to read in the language.

After that they should start working in the classroom and learning how to do their work, Mr Boulman said.