Health Education Institute and Education Institute, an institution dedicated to educating students in all aspects of the health care system, has gone on strike

Education, healthcare and education institute (EHI) is an independent entity established in 2007 by the State Government of Maharashtra.

It is a not-for-profit organisation and the primary aim of EHI is to provide free medical services to the people of the State through its programmes in the public health sector.

The strike has been announced by EHI, Health Education and Education Council (HEEDC) and National Board of Medical Education (NBME).

According to a report in The Indian Express, HEEDC, the state-run organisation that has been conducting strikes in Maharashtra, has notified a two-day general strike starting from Friday.

The strike will last for two days and be followed by a three-day strike.

The Health Education Board, which is part of EHO, will continue its programme, but will be limited to delivering free medical care and counselling to students and other eligible residents of the state.

EHO has also decided to stop offering counselling services to those who are unable to afford medical services.

The National Board on Medical Education has decided to halt the provision of medical services and counselling services in the State, which includes medical colleges, medical training institutes, medical colleges and medical colleges.