School suspends student for wearing hijab

A high school in South Dakota is temporarily suspending a student who was wearing a hijab at an event, saying it violates the school’s code of conduct.

The school, the Bismarck Public School District, said in a statement Monday that it had suspended a student for two days after she violated the school district’s code by wearing the hijab.

The district said the student’s mother filed a complaint with the district last week about her daughter’s actions and that the school board was aware of the incident.

The statement said the suspension applies to the student and that she would be suspended from her class for the duration of the suspension.

Bismarcks principal Scott Farr said the district’s Code of Conduct is designed to protect students, faculty and staff.

“The Code of conduct does not and cannot prohibit students from participating in the school community and this suspension does not change that,” Farr wrote in the statement.

“It is important to remember that we are a small school with about 1,200 students in a predominantly Hispanic district and that diversity is our strength.”