An inquiry into the CCCI’s use of ‘free’ education

Posted February 02, 2019 07:07:21 AUSTRALIA’S Education Minister wants to know how many of the nation’s 3.6 million teachers use a CCCIs free online course.

Key points:AUSTRALIAN Minister for Education Michael McCormack has asked the ACCC to investigate the CCCCIs free coursesAn ACCC spokesperson said the inquiry was open and publicIt is understood the Minister wants a “whole host of answers” from the CAA.

The CCCIC, which has the largest collection of accredited teachers in the world, says its free online courses are a way of teaching students about topics they may not have previously had a chance to explore.

“There are a lot of opportunities for young people to get involved in learning that is not available to those who can afford it,” Associate Professor Michael McCormick said.

“It’s also a great way for teachers to engage with the students in an educational context.”

Associate Professor McCormick says there are a number of opportunities in the education sector for students to get into subjects that may not otherwise have been taught to them.

He says the ACCCM will be looking into the use of free online programs.

“What we want to know is how many teachers use those courses?,” Associate professor McCormick told the ABC.

“I think that is something that we want all of our schools to be able to look at.”

The ACCC has been asked by the Minister for Information and Communications Media (Mick Keating) to investigate whether there are any breaches of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits online content that is “maliciously deceptive, defamatory or misleading”.

The ACCCM spokesperson said: “We are an open and transparent organisation.

Our inquiries are conducted in a way that allows the public to have a say, which is why the inquiry is open and publicly available.”

An ACCCM spokesman said the ACCCC had received the Minister’s request.

“We are reviewing the request and will have more to say about it in due course,” the ACCM spokesperson said.


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