‘Nandha’ teacher dies after student collapses in class

A teacher at an Indian state primary education institute has died after collapsing in class, police said.

Nandha Educational Institutions (NIE) in Madhya Pradesh, which has 1.7 million students, said in a statement that the teacher, who had been on a visit to the institute, died on Saturday.

It was not immediately clear why the teacher had gone to the school for the first time on Saturday, but the NIE said it was under “investigation”.

In its statement, the institute said it is a “family institution” and the teacher was “a very dedicated and committed teacher”.

Police said they are yet to receive a formal complaint from the family.

The school has more than 4,000 students and has more facilities than most Indian primary schools.

It said that while it had not received a formal formal complaint, the school has been in touch with the police and is conducting an inquiry.

Nie said that in the case of a teacher who collapsed during class, it is the responsibility of the teacher’s supervisor to ensure that the staff and students are safe.

“The safety of the staff members, the students and the environment is of paramount importance and the supervisor of Nie has been informed,” the statement said.

The Nie chief executive, Rajesh Kumar, said the institute was taking measures to ensure the safety of all staff and pupils and to ensure they do not go on any “dangerous activities”.

The institute said in its statement that it has been contacted by the families of the deceased teacher.

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