How to watch the CNN Special Report: How to Read and Understand the CNN Video Report on the Shooting of Akash Vadukul

The CNN Special Reports have been making a splash in India lately, as the country struggles to address the horrific shooting of Akasha Vadakul.

A woman’s killing has been widely reported in the media, and the nation has come to know the victim, who is a mother of two.

While the victim was killed by police officers, her mother has been charged with the murder.

The woman’s murder has also prompted a number of politicians and activists to come forward and take a stance against the police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the investigative agency tasked with investigating the murder and the death.

The CNN series, “A Mother’s Love for a Police Officer,” features the lives of the two mothers who live in a small town in Bihar, who both work as teachers.

In the series, the mothers explain how their lives are shaped by their mother’s violent and violent relationship with police.

The first mother is an illiterate housewife, and lives with her parents in a remote village in Bihar.

When her mother is killed, she has to deal with her own emotions and the pain of her loss.

Her mother is a woman who is always the victim of violence and who was always the target of harassment and harassment by the police.

Her daughter, who lives with him in the same village, is also a victim of police harassment and is constantly at the mercy of the police, she says.

“We are trying to help her, to take her to the police station, but we cannot,” says the first mother.

Her two daughters are studying in the middle of the night in their house.

Her husband is unemployed and his mother has given up her job, leaving him with his two children.

“She never paid attention to her education,” she says, adding that she had not been able to finish her studies because of her mother’s violence.

Her life has changed after she lost her mother.

She says that she is now more hopeful and more motivated to work, and that she hopes that the state government will ensure that her mother will be found and convicted.

“I will never forget her, I will never let anyone hurt her,” she said.

“My only dream is that she will be put in jail.

I am trying my best to save her.”

The second mother lives in a rural area of Bihar and is a widow who has lost her husband and four children.

She has been working as a school teacher in her village for the past five years.

Her son is a minor, but is very close to his mother.

“When she was killed, I had no choice but to live my life alone.

My only hope is that I will get justice for my mother,” she tells the CNN series.

The second family also has a daughter who is studying at a private university in Bihar but is unable to go because of the violence.

“The violence that took place at her home was completely unjustified,” she told CNN.

“Every time we try to go to school, we get called ‘unclean’.” “I was never given any security or protection at home.

I don’t know where my parents are,” she added.

“It is impossible to go out because I have no way of getting home.”

She says she will continue to work as a teacher.

“Why did I have to work for free when I have nothing in my pocket?” she said, adding, “When I was a teacher, I taught the children from birth, not from the age of three months.

In a joint interview with the CNN’s Amanabh Pant, journalist Nisha Dhar, and social activist and former political activist Prakash Jha, the two mother’s explain how Akash has changed their lives. “

If she was alive, I would have been able for her to come home at the time of her funeral,” she concludes.

In a joint interview with the CNN’s Amanabh Pant, journalist Nisha Dhar, and social activist and former political activist Prakash Jha, the two mother’s explain how Akash has changed their lives.

The mother’s interview with CNN was originally broadcast on January 16, 2017.

This report was edited for length and clarity.

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