A group of vets is fighting to stop a veterinary school from taking on the next generation

Vet students are fighting to keep a veterinary education institution from taking up the next breed of student.

The Vet School in South Melbourne, which is based in New Brunswick, has been given a two-year extension to become accredited by the Australian Veterinary Medical Association.

“We’ve been trying to work towards this for the last two years and I’m very happy to see the extension, it’s a big step forward for us,” said Vet School Vice-President, John Geddes.

The vet school’s president, Dr Tim Farr, said it was important to support the Vet School’s work in the wider veterinary community.

“Vets have a special place in our hearts,” he said.

“It’s not about the price tag but it’s about supporting them in their profession.”

They’re a part of our society.

We can’t put them out of work, we can’t force them to retire.

“He said the Vet Students Association was a “strong supporter” of the Vet Schools’ efforts.”

This extension is very welcome, I’m looking forward to working with the VetSchool and the students to achieve our goal of ensuring a successful future for our veterinary students,” he added.

A group of vet students in South Australia, pictured, are fighting Vet School to keep the Vet students in the profession article The Vet School, which was originally set up in the 1950s, has since been accredited by an international veterinary medical association.

It is also working to set up a veterinary veterinary university in Australia.

The Veterinary Student Association, which represents vets and vets students, is concerned that the Vet school could “take over” the veterinary profession.

Mr Farr said the school was a proud member of the VMA and was proud to be accredited by ANZAC.”

The Vet students have a unique position in the veterinary industry and we know that the profession is not going to be the same without them,” he explained.”

So we’re very much committed to working together with the VSA to ensure the Vet Student Association remains a strong voice in the industry.

“He added that Vet Students would also be working with vets to ensure a “future” for the Vet schools.

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