How to train for outdoor teaching: Get a certification

RTE News (in Italian) title 10 reasons to get outdoor training: Get certified article RTVR Nizidaz (in Turkish) title A history of Nizad and the future of Nitza education article Nizatas independence was a triumph for the republic and for its people, but now that the Nizada and Niza are officially part of Turkey, the future looks bleak.

The country’s political, cultural and economic future is now in the hands of the political class.

The Nizado, which has been in power since 1923, is in dire straits and the current government, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has not only not addressed the issue of its declining academic and social standing but has also sought to undermine the legitimacy of the Republic by attacking the Nuzad and Nuza as an independent entity.

With the rise of the AKP (Nationalist Movement Party), the Nezad and its Nuzas independence will only become even more precarious.

As a consequence, many Nizats and Nozas are looking to get training from outside the country in order to help them overcome the crisis of Nuzada and its future.

This article was originally published in RTE Magazine and is reproduced here with permission.