How to find the best university for you

In the last few years, universities in the UK have undergone a major transformation.

Universities have shifted from being a place for students to go to learn to being a destination for students.

This has been a huge boon for the UK economy and, over the past few years in particular, the quality of education at the country’s universities has improved dramatically.

But, how does a university in the Midlands fare?

Well, here’s a look at the best universities in each area.


Woking University, Northamptonshire, UK 2.

Warwick University, UK 3.

Northumbria University, England 4.

University of the West of England, West Sussex, UK 5.

University College London, UK 6.

University Of Bristol, UK 7.

University Oxford, UK 8.

University Durham, UK 9.

University York, UK 10.

University Bristol, United Kingdom 11.

University Manchester, United States 12.

University Cambridge, United Kingdoms 13.

University Newcastle Upon Tyne, United KINGDOM 14.

University Birmingham, United EASTERN OCEAN 15.

University Southampton, United JAPAN 16.

University Edinburgh, United NORWAY 17.

University Glasgow, United AUSTRALIA 18.

University Melbourne, Australia 19.

University New Zealand, New Zealand 20.

University Victoria, Australia 21.

University Sydney, Australia 22.

University Adelaide, Australia 23.

University Brisbane, Australia 24.

University Townsville, Australia 25.

University Canberra, Australia 26.

University Wollongong, Australia 27.

University Goulburn, Australia 28.

University Hobart, Australia 29.

University Darwin, Australia 30.

University Perth, Australia 31.

University Geelong, Australia 32.

University Gold Coast, Australia 33.

University Monash, Australia 34.

University Port Macquarie, Australia 35.

University Coffs Harbour, Australia 36.

University Macquarrie, Australia 37.

University Cairns, Australia 38.

University Mount Gambier, Australia 39.

University Maribyrnong, New South Wales, Australia 40.

University Launceston, New Australia 41.

University North Ballarat, Australia 42.

University Coogee, Australia 43.

University Ballarat University, New Tasmania, Australia 44.

University Fremantle, Australia 45.

University Claremont, New England, Australia 46.

University Sandown, New Ireland, Australia 47.

University Hunter, New Mexico, USA 48.

University Santa Fe, New Mexican, USA 49.

University San Marcos, New Texas, USA 50.

University El Paso, New Mexicans, USA 51.

University Taos, New York, USA 52.

University Albuquerque, New America, USA 53.

University Phoenix, New Orleans, USA 54.

University Brownsville, New Jersey, USA 55.

University Corpus Christi, Texas, United STATES 56.

University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 57.

University Dallas, Texas

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