How to ‘build’ a ‘virtual wall’ in Trump’s border wall

A virtual wall would have prevented some illegal border crossers from entering the United States from Texas.

But that wasn’t the only way to build a wall.

The Hill reports:One solution that’s been suggested by some conservatives to help build a border wall is to create a virtual border wall using existing public transportation infrastructure.

That would keep out undocumented migrants, who tend to use public transportation and can get to and from the U.S. border more easily than undocumented migrants living in cities.

Another idea proposed by some Republicans to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border is to use existing public housing projects to create an “unattached” wall that would be easily accessible to anyone in the neighborhood.

But while some conservatives have floated the idea of using existing infrastructure to build their wall, the Hill reports that Trump has also been discussing the idea.

The Trump administration has repeatedly argued that the wall would be impossible to build without a border fence, and it’s not clear how many people would be affected by a wall that’s already being built on the U;S.

southern border.

Trump has said he would build a “virtual wall” that would make it difficult for people to cross the border and has proposed that Mexico pay for it.

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