Why are we getting so upset about Nandha?

Dalbey Education Institute (DIE) is yet to be included in the list of institutions to receive a cash-for-reform scheme, as a condition for receiving the new scheme.

The NANDHA (non-government-run education) ministry said it will give a notification on Monday on the inclusion of the institution into the scheme.

According to a statement by the ministry, the NANDHEF scheme is a cash transfer scheme that provides financial assistance to the poorest of the poor in the country.

In the previous scheme, only institutions with cash-to-debt ratios below 3.1 per cent received the subsidy.

In contrast, the new programme will provide the funds to all institutions with higher cash-debts ratios, the ministry said.DIE’s director general, Rajeev Pramukh, said that it is unfortunate that the scheme has not been included in NANDHB.

He also criticised the inclusion in the NIA list of all private schools.

He said that private schools were given priority in the scheme, but this should not be the case for education institutions, which were given no such priority.

Pramuk hosanna that education institutions should have been included, said, the scheme will provide a financial assistance of Rs 7,500 crore.

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