How Disney bought the TV rights for The Princess Bride franchise

By now you’ve probably seen the news that Disney is buying the rights to the beloved Disney Princess franchise.

The deal will bring the movie to the masses, including the millions of kids that have grown up watching the Disney Princess movies on Disney XD.

Disney XD is already a huge player in kids programming, with over 25 million viewers per day.

This deal could bring Disney XD into the Disney family. 

So how does the Disney deal compare to the Marvel deal?

Marvel and Disney already had the rights for their own movies.

Disney already owned the rights, and they could control the content. 

But Disney’s deal is much more ambitious.

Disney owns all of the rights and is the exclusive home for all of Marvel’s movies. 

This means that Marvel’s films could get the Disney treatment, but Disney’s movies could not. 

The deal will also include Disney XD, a division of Disney that’s now a subsidiary of Disney. 

And this deal could be a game changer for Disney XD as well. 

There are many different ways that Disney could spin this deal.

They could buy Marvel and then try to bring Disney back to its original TV deal, which would be great for Disney.

Or they could let Marvel continue as they were, but with the new deal Disney could get more of the money they have now. 

Or maybe Marvel will just go out and get the money and go after Disney XD with their own deals. 

Regardless of how this deal goes down, Disney will likely be in the position of having to negotiate their own deal with Marvel.

This could be bad news for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But I wouldn’t count on that. 

In the meantime, Disney XD has plenty of things to do to make its movie universe even more appealing to kids. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.

I love the Princess Bride series, and I think I’m a huge fan of Disney XD and its films.

If you haven’t seen The Princess Curse yet, then you’re missing out. 

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