Bayside Education Institute launches new online course ‘A Journey to the Core’

Launched in April 2018, this new course offers students a chance to explore the core of their knowledge from the ground up.

The course focuses on topics such as health, education and culture.

The university has previously run a number of other online courses in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Education, which is now the subject of a new research project.

The centre will look at how universities and tertiary institutions can collaborate with one another to develop and deliver a more sustainable future for learners.

Students will be able to create their own course and share their experiences and knowledge with other students.

The programme is also open to the general public and has been funded by the Queensland Government.

Topics include, technology, innovation, science and education, education, health, learning, science, learning styles, learning outcomes, learning pathways, innovation source Google Trends title BAYSIDE EDUCATION INSTITUTE launches new Online Courses on STEM topics article Baysides Education Institute (Bayside) is excited to announce that it has launched two online courses on topics related to STEM.

Students can now choose between three courses which cover topics including: Technology, Innovation, and Science.

Topics range from robotics to nanotechnology, and will include the latest research findings in these fields.

Topics will also include: Life on Mars, artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence and human behaviour.

The courses will run until the end of 2019 and include an option for a free certificate.

The online courses are available for all students and include the option for the Certificate of Expertise.

Students who have previously taken the Baysiders Bachelor of Science in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (BTech) course will be eligible to take the online courses.

Students are encouraged to take up the option of taking the courses.

This will ensure that all future graduates can explore the breadth of Baysider’s academic and learning offerings and will help ensure a more diverse learning experience.

Topics covered include: Science and Technology, Robotics, Nano, Nanotechnology, Education, Health, Culture, Human Behaviour, Engineering, Health and Wellbeing, Health Services, Healthcare and Public Health, Indigenous and Commonwealth Languages, Education Policy, Global Education, Global Health, Education and Learning, Education Australia, Education Sector, Research, Science and Engineering, Science Technology & Innovation, Technology for Life, The Future of Science, The University of Queensland, the Australian Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the Queensland Science Foundation.

For more information visit:

Topics: arts-and-entertainment, science-and/or-technology, university-and:bayside-edu-australia-4100, university, university of, australia, qld

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