Why alvas will not be able to provide a new version of the game with a new graphics engine

The developers of the original Final Fantasy XIII have announced a delay in the release of the title due to technical issues.

In a post on Facebook, Final Fantasy XIV lead programmer Nobuo Uematsu announced that alvas was no longer able to produce the game.

Uematsu stated that alas a “major issue” was discovered with the game’s graphics engine, and that he would need to postpone the release.

“Due to this issue, the project is now delayed for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.

“In order to ensure that we can make the game the best possible we need to make adjustments and take a break.”

The delay comes amid an ongoing legal battle between alvas and Square Enix over royalties and trademarks, with the latter claiming that alva has infringed on its trademark rights.

The company has also sued Square Enix, which was founded by Square Enix co-founder Naoki Yoshida.

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