How to make your school more diverse and inclusive

A new school report from the Education Institute finds that one in three U.S. schools doesn’t offer any African American, Latino or Native American students.

And more than a quarter of schools don’t even provide an opportunity for students of color to study.

The report, “Diversity and Inclusion in Education: What We Can Learn From Education Policy, Programs and Practices,” says that the U.K. is the first country in the world to fully adopt the American Race to the Top initiative.

But the U of T’s report comes on the heels of another one released last month that found that black students in Canada are five times more likely to receive the same grades as white students, but only one in four receive the grade they are required to.

The report says that in the U and U. K. the gap between white and black students is nearly as large.

“The gap in academic achievement between black and white students in the two countries is almost the same as the difference between black students and white people in the United States, and the gap in student outcomes between the two is roughly equal,” said the report.

“There are more opportunities for black students to get a good education, but we need to keep our eyes open for gaps and opportunities that exist in our schools, particularly in disadvantaged communities.”

The report was released in the wake of a high-profile case in California, where a group of black students at the prestigious San Diego County School District sued over being denied access to school materials.

The students say they were told the materials were only available to white students and that the school had to “purchase” them for black people, a claim the district has denied.

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