What happens next after the Olympics?

With the IOC ruling that all athletes should undergo the full-body scan, athletes are now being forced to be prepared for the possibility of injury.

It comes as the New York City Athletic Association, which runs the New Year’s Eve festivities in New York, announced that the city’s athletes are required to undergo a full- body scan in an effort to help prevent athletes from getting injured.

The IOC’s decision also requires all athletes to undergo an additional full-Body Scan within the next two weeks.

The scan can be done at the office of the IOC in the United States or by a licensed doctor.

The IOC said that all New York sports are required by law to have a full body scan by January 1, and that the NYC Athletic Association is currently doing the full scan.

As of this writing, only a handful of athletes have been tested for the IOC’s new policy, including the Olympic torch relay team, the women’s volleyball team and the women-only sailing team.

The US team was tested this year and the US men’s swimming team will be tested in mid-January.

The NYC Athletic Authority also announced that it is conducting its own full- Body Scan within two weeks and that athletes will also be required to take a “pre-exposure prophylactic” (PPP) vaccine for the next several weeks.

“We know that the risk of getting an infection is extremely high with the current testing and vaccination regime,” the authority said in a statement.

“To minimize that risk and help protect our athletes and the athletes we train and coach, the NYACA is taking the necessary steps to get them tested as quickly as possible.”

While the IOC decision is a big step forward for the sport, it comes after a slew of negative results that have rocked the Olympics.

The IOC announced last month that it was pulling the US Olympic torch from the stage after its torch relay failed to finish the Games on time.

The relay was scheduled to start at midnight on January 6 in Houston.

The torch relay was due to take place the following night.

At the time, IOC spokesman Greg Adams said that the USOC had failed to meet the IOC standard for an Olympic Games torch relay and that USOC officials would “review” the results and make adjustments.

USOC officials have said that they were unable to do a thorough examination of the torch relay before the IOC pulled the torch from stage, but have since said that there was a “significant delay” in the completion of the relay.

There are no immediate plans for a new torch relay to take its place.

Last week, the US was fined $1.2 million by the IOC for failing to provide adequate health and safety training for its athletes after it was reported that one of its athletes had a blood clot that caused him to miss the Olympic Games.

The case also prompted USOC President Brian Williams to issue an apology and call the fine “unacceptable.”

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