Sharjah University professor goes on hunger strike after being sacked

A Sharjah university professor has gone on hunger strikes after being fired from his post for criticizing the government’s handling of a deadly attack on students.

Nasser Al-Fadl is one of the country’s most renowned Islamic scholars, known for his controversial views on the countrys controversial Islamic sect, Al-Qaeda.

Al-Fadem said he had been fired from the university’s Islamic Studies department for “rejecting the ruling” by the Ministry of Education and Culture to dismiss him over his criticism of the governments response to the June 15 attack that killed 20 students.

The government said the dismissal was “illegal and unprofessional.”

The Ministry of Culture and Information and Communications, which oversees the universities, said it had asked the university for its response.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan contributed to this report from Dubai.

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