‘We’ll take it on’: Melbourne’s $1.8 billion education upgrade has hit ‘disaster’

Melbourne’s future education institute collingswood is set to receive a $1 billion injection from the government as part of a massive new expansion of state schools.

The funding will help to fund the expansion of Collingwood’s current $1,200 per student ($300 for students in primary and higher education) fee structure, which has seen its enrollment growth over the past year.

The new fee structure is expected to see enrolment grow by more than a third, with more than 50 per cent of students entering higher education by 2020.

The $1bn will go towards improving the quality of instruction and support services at Collingwool, which is expected, for example, to receive $1 million more to help meet enrolment growth targets.

Collingwood will be the largest school in Victoria to receive funding under the scheme.

The Government’s $400 million “Education and Skills Australia” grant has helped the Victorian Government to fund more than 5,300 schools, including the Collingwon school.

The money is expected “to support an increased capacity of education institutions and support more people in education”, Education Minister David Healy said.

The Collingswood school’s enrolment is expected continue to grow in line with other Victorian schools, which are expected to increase enrolment by 20,000 students this year.

“We want to deliver the education that is right for the future and we want to make sure we are investing in our children,” Mr Healy told The Age newspaper.

“The best way to ensure we do that is to invest in our people and our schools.”

The Collingswool school has already seen a rise in enrolment and enrolment levels at other Melbourne schools, particularly in Victoria’s outer west.


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