Students from aspen institute educate students in creative ways

Aspen Institute has a new online platform for students to connect with creative thinkers and students to learn new skills and explore topics.

Key points:The platform aims to be a forum for collaboration and creative expressionStudents will get to learn from leading creatives and designers from around the world and connect with other students in an online learning environmentStudents can upload their ideas and ideas will be judged based on how well they connect with students from around AustraliaThe platform will be available to all students from the Aspen campus, which is situated in the state of Queensland, and students will have access to a portfolio of works from internationally recognised artists and designers.

Aspen’s platform aims at being a forum where students can collaborate, create, explore and be creative.

“It’s a place where students have an opportunity to network with other like-minded students and be inspired by their work and to get to know each other and be more creative,” Aspen Director of Communications and Marketing Alex O’Connor said.

“This means students will be able to share ideas, collaborate on their own work and share the creative process in a collaborative environment where they can connect with each other, as well as be inspired.”

The platform has been launched after Aspen’s Digital Design Lab was established to help students learn more about digital design and how it could be applied in creative endeavours.

As a creative agency, the Aspens design agency is an international team of artists, designers and educators.

In its launch announcement, Aspen said students can choose from a range of digital projects, including a series of short videos, a series to create an infographic and an essay about the importance of storytelling.

The platform is designed to allow students to share their ideas, ideas of how to build their work, learn from other students and get to work.

“With the platform students will get a chance to work on their portfolio and create their own digital work and the work will be voted on by students,” Ms O’Connor said.

A portfolio of work from internationally renowned creatives will be posted online for students who want to show their work to other students.

“We are working with leading creative designers, designers from universities and from all over the world to create the platform, so students will not only be able be inspired but will also be able share their work with other learners,” Ms Yoon said.

As the platform becomes a part of the Asper Institute curriculum, students will also get the opportunity to participate in the creative community, a forum which can include the creation of an online portfolio, creating an art exhibition or a collaborative painting.

“Students are encouraged to be creative in a social and educational environment with other participants from around Sydney and beyond,” Ms Linn said.

The Aspen site is currently available to students and staff.

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